Every day we go out and build this world together but no one in their right mind would build a world like this if it were up to them


Career Advice

If someone younger asked me for career advice, this is probably what I'd say:

Be passionate about what you do. Think about it all the time. Do side projects, even if they're silly. Build your resume with them. When you get your first job, work hard, be thorough, most importantly be cordial and professional. Look for pain points in the organization and find solutions. Don't propose a solution just for the sake of proposing one. Get to know your colleagues and boss personally. Find topics outside of work to connect with them on.

But this is the advice I'm following instead:

Do nothing at work. Steal as much time as possible. Make things sound harder than they are. Work on multiple projects so you can always say you were busy with another project. Act busy and stressed. Never work more than you're supposed to. Learn to grow food. Learn how to raise animals. Learn a traditional craft. Prioritize time with your family and friends over work.

What is the most effective shotgun load for dispatching robots?

Asking for a friend. 12 gauge.

A mindmap


When it was illegal, I thought it was an injustice.

Now that it's legal, I think it's suspicious.

A fun fact

I work as an engineer at a big tech company. If everyone in my division suddenly got jobs working elsewhere and the division disappeared, I am confident that not a single person would care. The world would be wholly unaffected. Not even our beloved customers would bat an eye as they would just source from our competitors, or God forbid, have to slow down on scaling up their systems and rolling out new features. Alas, I am paid handsomely and billions of dollars flow through the company.